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The XTrader project arose from the need for a small group of traders (and friends ...) continually seeking to generate solid and constant returns, exposing our capital to the lowest possible risk.

Today, with a specialized team, IT professionals with over 10 years of experience and excellent traders, we have developed commercial robots for specific markets with a high degree of profitability, operating (24 × 5) to generate sustainability and profitability for us and our customers. What started with a group of financial market enthusiasts and connoisseurs, today has become a company that, in addition to other services (such as exchanges and VPS), makes available to the market all of our know-how acquired over the past few years.

After thousands of hours of analysis, studies and market observations, our analysts were able to detect precise points to open operations in each Expert Advisor's segment, using the best and most reliable brokers in that segment.

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+55 48 991583331 
+55 48 991583331